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Technical Documents

Rakon has a wide range of application notes, whitepapers, fact sheets and product briefs available. Seeking Rakon’s technical application expertise? Contact us at, where you can speak with one of our application experts. Alternatively, see below for a full list of resources, which includes information on the following:

IEEE 1588 or PTP, network timing, small cells, macro base station infrastructure, GNSS or GPS positioning or locking, switches, Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), Stratum 3E, Stratum 3, phase noise or jitter testing, Bit Error Ratios (BER), RADAR repair or retrofits, as well as Digital Pulse Compression Sub-system, USO, OCSO, OCXO, ASIC OCXO, Mercury™ OCXO, Pluto+™/Pluto™ TCXO, GPS TCXO and crystal oscillator products.

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Fact Sheet and Product Brief  |  Telecommunications  |  Space, Defense & Instrumentation  |  Internet of Things & Other Markets  |  Global Positioning  |

Telecommunications – Fact Sheet & Product Brief

Document Name Type
PDF5G Synchronisation Solutions Fact Sheet
PDFBase Station Solutions Fact Sheet
PDFGNSS Based Synchronisation Fact Sheet
PDFMercury™ IC-OCXO Brief Product Brief
PDFMiniature 2.5x2.0 mm Low Phase Noise XO Brief Product Brief
PDFMulti-frequency Oscillators for Switches and Routers Product Brief
PDFSmall Cell Solutions Fact Sheet
PDFStratum 3E OCXO Brief Product Brief
PDFSynchronisation for Financial Networks Fact Sheet
PDFSynchronisation for Packet Networks Fact Sheet
PDFSynchronous Ethernet Fact Sheet

Telecommunications – Application Note & White Paper

Document Name Type
PDFAirflow considerations on synchronisation testing Application Note
PDFEvaluating Oscillators for PTP applications Application Note
PDFGuidelines for use of Pluto/Pluto+™ TCXOs Application Note
PDFGuidelines for using Miniature IC-OCXOs (Mercury™ and Mercury+™) Application Note
PDFITSF 2017 Presentation – One Oscillator, Many Packet Clocks
PDFLowering Total Cost of Ownership with Increased Reliability IC OCXOs Whitepaper
PDFOscillators for Packet Networks Application Note
PDFOscillators for Small Cells Application Note
PDFOscillators for Synchronous Ethernet Application Note
PDFSynchronisation Performance and Temperature Profile Application Note
PDFTCXOs for Small Cells Application Note

Technology & Testing

Document Name Type
PDFIC Crystal Oscillator Circuits Application Note
PDFPhase Noise and Jitter in Crystal Oscillators Application Note
PDFRelationship between Phase Noise and Bit Error Ratio (BER) Application Note
PDFRelationship between Phase Noise and Jitter Application Note
PDFSingle Transistor Crystal Oscillator Circuits Application Note
PDFTime Keeping with Quartz Crystals Application Note
PDFVariance as applied to Crystal Oscillators Application Note

Space, Defense & Instrumentation

Document Name Type
PDFHigh Reliability Products for Defense & Instrumentation Fact Sheet
PDFHigh Reliability Products for Defense - India Heritage Fact Sheet
PDFHigh Reliability Products for Space Fact Sheet
PDFHigh Reliability Products for Space - India Heritage Fact Sheet
PDFMeasurement of Phase Noise for Ultra Low Noise OCSOs (SAW) Application Note
PDFNew Space Solutions Fact Sheet
PDFRadar Case Study: Retrofit, Repair, Upgrade Solutions with DPCSS Case Study
PDFSubsystem Solutions Fact Sheet

Internet of Things & Other Markets

Document Name Type
PDFInternet of Things (IoT) Fact Sheet

Global Positioning

Document Name Type
PDFGNSS Positioning Solutions Fact Sheet