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Rakon is a global high technology company that designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of world leading frequency control and timing solutions that influence the way people work and play in today's world. Rakon works relentlessly with some of the world's biggest technology companies on leading edge technologies and products to ensure Rakon is designed into the present and future generations of consumer smart wireless devices and GPS products, telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace and defence applications and even spacecraft.

Rakon understands market requirements which enable it to pioneer leading specifications and push technology boundaries. Market leadership has been achieved through unique proprietary processes, continual R&D, expert consultation and constant technology advancement.

Rakon is a leader in high temperature sensitivity testing, ASIC Pluto™ design, low acceleration sensitivity (aka “g”), hybrid product combinations, Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and specialised products for extreme performance.

An overview of Rakon's product portfolio is below:

System Solutions Overview

Rakon’s subsystems and modules are the ideal solutions for the retrofit or upgrade of radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) and other systems.

Rakon is specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom subsystems, from customer requirements through production up to after sales support. Our design team has extensive experience in RF & microwave (frequency band spans from baseband up to 18 GHz), digital module and subsystem design, for various environmental conditions, including ground-based, naval and airborne systems.

Subsystems use high speed digital processing, enabling significantly improved overall system performance. For the Air Traffic Control and Defense surveillance radars, Rakon offers standard and custom pulse compression subsystems, of which all the pulse compression parameters are fully programmable.

Our plug & play frequency synthesizers are versatile, FPGA-based modules with low noise, and are capable of going up to the Ku-band. Rakon also supplies additional modules which can be combined with the synthesizers and oscillators, such as the frequency multipliers which provide high frequency outputs with ultra-low phase noise.

Rakon combines its high performance frequency synthesizers, low noise oscillators (OCXO and OCSO) and multipliers in order to offer complete solutions such as Local Oscillator (LO) and Coherent Oscillator (COHO). Other subsystems can be offered on a custom design basis to fit specific requirements, for instance frequency transposition module, filter bank, multi-frequency generation module, phase detector, IF amplifier and other radar and EW subsystems.

The Master Reference Oscillator (MRO) is an equipment that can be applied to NewSpace applications where require high stability and reliable signal. It is a part of the Frequency Generation Unit (FGU) series suitable for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and satellite constellations with a lifetime guarantee of up to 12 years.

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OCXO and OCSO Overview

Rakon has extensive experience in creating standard and customised Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) solutions for the Telecommunications, Space, Defense and other demanding markets. Rakon's Oven Controlled SAW Oscillators (OCSOs) feature state of the art phase noise performances from a few 100’s of MHz to a few GHz. OCSOs are favoured when ultra-low phase noise performance is required, especially in conjunction with high frequencies.

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TCXO Overview

Rakon has a wide range of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) solutions. Product series are available from highly stable products for mass volume consumer applications through to industry leading ultra-stable products for more performance demanding applications in harsh environments. Rakon provides a wide range of TCXOs for specific application areas. Rakon's commitment to quality and high performance has meant it has become the default standard for telecommunications infrastructure, emergency beacons, consumer GNSS, military and many other performance critical applications.

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VCXO and VCSO Overview

Rakon has expertise in a broad range of high performance and high reliability Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs), and high frequency & low phase noise performance Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators (VCSOs). 

The high performance range of VCXOs feature low jitter, low phase noise and selectable output frequencies; which make them ideal for applications in the Global Positioning and Telecommunications markets. The high reliability space VCXO are designed and manufactured to meet MIL standards.

The low power range of VCSOs enable the ultimate performance in applications requiring excellent phase noise at high frequencies. They are ideally suited for Electronic Warfare (EW), avionics, instrumentation, high speed converters and low jitter applications.

VCXO Selections  Hi-Rel Space  |  NewSpace  |  Low Noise and Low Jitter

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XO Overview

Rakon has expertise in a broad range of standard performance, high performance and high reliability Crystal Oscillators(XOs). The high performance range of XOs feature low jitter, low phase noise, and selectable output frequency options; these features make them ideal for applications in Global Positioning and Telecommunications markets.

The high reliability XO ranges are resistant to shock and vibration in harsh environments and the specification profile makes it a great solution for Space and Defense applications.

XO Selections  Hi-Rel Space  |  NewSpace  |  Hi-Rel Defense  |  Low Noise and Low Jitter


A series hybrid Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) designed for Space and Defense applications where phase noise performance is important.

The series of VCO with thick-film technology to optimize the product series package Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) consumption.

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Crystal Filter Overview

Rakon provides a wide range of highly reliable crystal filters for various Space and Defense applications. Rakon's range of crystal filters include the following: bandpass filters (narrow or wideband), notch / stopband filters, linear phase or constant group delay filters, phase and/or amplitude matching filters and monolithic filters. At the heart of Rakon's crystal filters are quartz, langasite or lithium tantalate.

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Crystal Resonator Overview

A wide range of crystal resonators are available from high stability Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) to the high reliability space crystals including ESA qualified crystal resonators, and crystal resonators fully manufactured and tested following the guidelines of MIL-PRF-3098. Rakon is a major supplier of crystal resonators for Global Positioning, Telecommunications, Space and Defense applications.

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