synchronising connectivity everywhere

Market Introduction

New ways of communicating with each other are constantly evolving as people demand the convenience of communicating where and when they want to.

Each new generation of communication technology requires new devices and infrastructure equipment to support it – with ever increasing speeds and bandwidth required.

Rakon offers a complete range of end-to-end frequency control and timing solutions that synchronises connectivity for current and next generation telecommunication networks, consumer devices and even spacecraft.



At the heart of all telecommunications is the need for precise timing and synchronisation for the network to deliver the speed and reliability that users demand. Rakon provides some of the most advanced timing solutions and is extremely well positioned in the global telecommunications infrastructure market as its frequency control technologies lie at the heart of these systems.

Many of Rakon’s products are designed into the lucrative new generation 4G devices and the LTE/4G network infrastructure – enabling connectivity everywhere in a networked world.


Rakon is now established as a world leader in the space and high reliability markets and is the largest non-USA based producer. This strong market position is opening up high margin opportunities in the commercial satellite and space programmes in Europe, Japan and the ‘BRIC’ countries.


Rakon has always been at the forefront of GPS technology and the industry since its commercialisation in the early 1990s. At that time Rakon introduced the smallest 1 ppm stability oscillator.

Rakon’s market leadership position and working closely with the industry ensures its technology is designed into many of the new consumer devices, high margin precision GNSS instruments and next generation solutions in new markets such as agriculture, construction and GIS mapping which are all forecast to grow strongly.


Rakon's frequency control solutions are in demand in other market sectors such as smart wireless metering, radio communications devices for emergency services and satellite modems. Worldwide governement and commerical programmes use Rakon solutions. Rakon is the world's largest solutions provider of high reliability frequency control products in Europe and has been a supplier to major US based government contractors since the 1990s.

Typically Rakon's high-reliability customers have close working relationships with Rakon product engineers. Technical issues are worked through together, enabling unique requirements and customised solutions to be realised.