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Temexpress is a wholly owned division of Rakon Temex specialising in working with a worldwide base of qualified manufacturing partners to provide a wide portfolio of non-Rakon components:

SAW Filters

SAW Resonators

Crystal Resonators

Crystal Oscillators (XOs, VCXOs, TCXOs)

Crystal Filters

Customer oriented, Temexpress' objectives are to help you to select the right parts for your requirements at the most competitive price and within the time required. Temexpress offers customers the following:

An international sales force

Technical support and expertise on integration of sourced components

Standard and custom specifications available for each requirement

Fast and efficient sampling

Flexibility with supply and consignment agreements.


For telecom civil applications (BTS, Radio-links) and consumer applications (wireless security system, home automation, meter reading), we invite you to visit the Temexpress web portal on :

TEMEXPRESS Corporate Headquarters

Contact person: Mr. Christophe Guth

2, rue Robert Keller
10 150 Pont-Sainte-Marie

Phone: +33 325 764 535
Fax:   +33 325 80 34 57